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“… We are a Global Marketing Agency, Our goal is to change the old and invasive way of marketing products and services for a new value-based and result-oriented system, which focuses on the experience of the client first of all … “

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John Faulkner

Australia Country Manager
Ph: +61(0)404 016 510

Jason Faulkner

Australia Partner

Chris Faulkner

Australia Partner

Your Global Team


CEO & Co-Founder


COO and Co-founder

Arturo Gatica

Chile Country Manager

Angelica Jara

Chile Country Manager

Hanna Guerra

Canada Country Manager

Mayank Gupta

India, Country Manager

John Faulkner

Australia Country Manager

Jason Faulkner

Australia Partner

Chris Faulkner

Australia Partner

Jose Carlos Aguirre

México Country Manager

Krystine Mata

USA Florida Manager

Shiraz Razi

Singapore Country Manager

Our Offices

Chile: Santiago

Av Apoquinto 5950 Las Condes

Australia: Sydney

100 Harris St Sydney
Ph: +61(0)404 016 510

Cánada: Toronto

92 Lakeshore Road East

Chile: Viña Del Mar

1 Norte 461

USA: Florida

350 Lincoln Road Miami Beach


10 Anson Road

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Esmeralda 950 Buenos Aires

México: México City

Fuente Bella 3299, Piso 14

New Delhi

5th floor, Tower C, Greem Boulevard

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Jase & the team (at Premium Agency Sydney) developed a complete a-z social media strategy to help us through some of more quiet nights throughout winter. They helped to drastically improve consistency on the weeknights, and upped our numbers in a big way. We were getting new customers through the door at an incredibly cost effective price, and converting them into life-long customers. Thanks lads, we are thrilled with the results”

Kieron Prenter / Owner - Mexicano Narrabeen

The team at Premium Agency Group Australia is based in Sydney, where they service all areas of Australia.  Our Country Manager John Faulkner can be contacted on +61 (0)4 04 016 510