Marketing for Restaurants

that Actually Works

We’ve worked with over 500 businesses globally, within the hospitality industry. Using social media platforms, we are able to execute carefully put together marketing strategies that will double, triple and even at times quadruple sales in your restaurant in less than 90 days! 

Much more than Advertising for Restaurants

Our passion lies in taking business owners out of a place of confusion & enabling them to create an automated marketing structure that generates sales in a predictable manner.
Through the use of our commercial proprietary formula we empower businesses with a clear path forward. We develop & execute marketing and advertising strategies that will transform your entire business.
In less than 30 days you’ll gain a clear road map to business profitability, full restaurant capacity & calculated, predictable growth!

We Are Thrilled With The Results

“The team (at Premium Agency Sydney) acted hastily to put together a campaign within 48 hours to help us avoid immediate crisis when the volcano erupted in Bali. Jase & the team curated an offer for the restaurant that saw 1,470 people click through from our online advert for only 28 cents per click. Reaching 40,000 people in 2 weeks & helping to fill the restaurant each night for 2 weeks straight.”

KP Owner - Barbacoa Bali

Digital advertising that’s at the forefront of the hospitality market.

We know that “likes” do not pay the bills! The market has evolved, 90% of the sale process is done before attending your Restaurant
We apply intelligent communication strategies that take care of the entire attraction process, from the traffic generation to the decision to purchase from your business and the subsequent loyalty to the brand …
Your customers will speak wonders of your Business!

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Jase & the team (at Premium Agency Sydney) developed a complete a-z social media strategy to help us through some of more quiet nights throughout winter. They helped to drastically improve consistency on the weeknights, and upped our numbers in a big way. We were getting new customers through the door at an incredibly cost effective price, and converting them into life-long customers. Thanks lads, we are thrilled with the results”

Kieron Prenter / Owner - Mexicano Narrabeen

The team at Premium Agency Group Australia is based in Sydney, where they service all areas of Australia.  Our Country Manager John Faulkner can be contacted on +61 (0)4 04 016 510