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Introducing The D.A.E Method
If you have a restaurant and you’re looking to gain more customers we have a simple solution for you... No matter what type of place such as a coffee shop, bakery, Ice cream parlour, restaurant, bar, or even a club and no matter where you are in the world, we can help you attract more customers using our proven and proprietary D.A.E Method
d: Definition
We start by defining who's your perfect customer, the Key here is RELEVANCY, the more relevant we can be with your target market, the better the results in all our message and marketing campaigns...

Do you work with executives? Do you work with families? Do you work with Couples? Different kinds of people will react different to our advertising, we will identify your perfect customer that will LOVE your restaurant and your food!
A: attraction
Once we know who's your perfect customer, is time to attract them to your restaurant. The Key here is DISTRIBUTION, we create smart marketing campaigns distributed in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google and even the most popular websites on each city, like newspapers, lider magazines and Tv Channels

This generates a strong positioning and sense of fame that combined with a relevant message attracts the perfect audience to your Restaurant without the need to do drastic offers or discounts, people will go because they actually WANT to go!
E: Expansion
Now that we have your perfect audience and we're driving them to your restaurant is time to scale. The Key here is PREDICTABILITY.

The main difference between digital advertising with traditional media, is that you can measure absolutely everything, we can easily identify what works and what doesn't...

At this stage we analyze the data we have, and optimize our campaigns to create a predictable marketing system that you can rely on, so you know that every time you invest $1 in advertising, you can get $3, $4 or more in return
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Download our Best Marketing Campaign for FREE:
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